Monday, November 22, 2010

November Trip to Virginia!

Virginia Leaves are so beautiful! Especially compared to the bland colors of arizona....

The cute twins! We had fun Christmas shopping

I love this picture of Lena. She is so happy, you can see it all in her face!!! SHe is "such a doll, a baby doll" as the lady on the airplane would say. She had those ladies on the airplane eating out of her hand. Everyone kept saying how they have never sat next to such a well-behaved and good baby. She didn't cry once on both flights, and she is so curious and friendly, she would stare at people and smile and coo at them.

I had fun visiting my sister Julie in Virginia. I don't know how people who have twins do it....I watched these twins for 4 hours, and was so nervous the whole time! But luckily it worked out. Joseph and Lena are two weeks apart, and are both too cute!
I did a lot of quilting while I was there, which is embarassing to say I have never quilted before then. Seeing as how my mother is an AMAZING quilter and textile diva extraordinare. So I wanted to post the picture of me quilting for her to see, as proof :) I actually found I quite liked quilting, esp. when I could watch movie after movie on netflix :)

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